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Howdy SMPers! I’m Matt, one of the few male SMP Staffers. It’s hard to say exactly what I do for SMP, because I do a bit of everything. My main focus is on support. I answer all questions our SMP readers have about the site. If you have post corrections, issues with your vendor portfolio, or just general question about the SMP site, I’m your guy! I also work with the technology department, programming and improving your experience on the site. I’m a gymnastics coach in my off time, and love working with kids. Here are some fun (and goofy) facts about me – Hope you enjoy!


1. I love playing my guitar. The first time I ever picked one up was in 8th Grade. I begged my mom to buy me one instead of going on the class Washington D.C. trip. It just so happened that the day I got my guitar was my Grandma’s birthday. It took me about 4 hours, but I learned how to play ‘Happy Birthday’ for her.

2. Gymnastics is my #1 passion. In second grade, on the playground, I decided to teach myself a back handspring. It took me the whole 45 minute recess, but I got it! When I showed my mom, she immediately enrolled me in gymnastics, for fear that I would break my neck without proper training.

3. Coheed and Cambria is, and forever will be, my favorite band. I have a tattoo of their Keywork on my arm. I’ve seen them about seven times in concert. I can listen to them all day, every day.

4. Ever since high school, I have dreamed of owning a Mazda RX-8. I used to watch videos, and “build” them on the Mazda website. I’m happy to say, my dream came true last September!

5. I was not always a New Englander. I grew up in Oxnard, California. I moved out to Massachusetts, because that is where my dad grew up. Now he’s back in California, and I’m stuck in this cold New England weather. How does that work?

6. I LOVE mexican food. I understand that it’s all the same food, just wrapped differently, but I don’t care. Nothing makes me happier than a nice spicy burrito.

7. If there is one show that I have seen more times than any other, it’s Scrubs. I think I’ve seen every season at least 10 times. I almost decided to do something in the medical field, solely because of my love for this show.

8. As much as I hate to say it…I inherited my dad’s corny sense of humor. He gave me his genes…they were Levi’s.

9. When I have a son, I want to name him Jackson Carter Lincoln. Sounds cool, and it’s three presidents names.

10.  My first kiss was with a lovely girl by the name of Sarah. I was 7. She was 15. We see each other from time to time, mainly because she married my brother.

5 Responses to “Ten Tidbits: Matt”

  1. michelle says:

    Love these, Matt! How about a presidential line up of names if it’s a girl? Madison Kennedy Taylor?? Oh, and the instant guitar lesson for grandma. That is sooo sweet!!

  2. Madison says:

    My name is Madison Taylor Kennedy! Glad you like it Michelle :) These posts are great. It’s so fun to get to know the SMP staff!

  3. Melissa says:

    What a pretty name Madison! Matt, I love Jackson Carter Lincoln, what a great name!

  4. Kari says:

    Oh Matt I adore your dorky sense of humor! I about snorted out my coffee twice today!

  5. I’m with Kari. Number 8 made my day Matt.

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