The Business of Blogging – Backstage

Today marked a very big day in the Larson household. William’s first major temper tantrum. He’s fussed, he’s cried, he’s even screamed a few times. But today, he gave me the real deal. The shaking, clenching fist, screaming like I was chopping off his big toe, real deal. We had to leave our picnic at my daughter’s school because I was afraid the teachers were going to think I was torturing him. So let the fun begin.

All I can say is…thank God for moments like this one…

…or I’d never get through the moments like this….

We got a bunch of new pics from our Film Photography experiment in that I’ll post in a day or two and my fav, Kari Herer, was back to shoot the kids a week ago and they turned out beyond adorable. I’ll post those as soon as I can! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying getting back to the grind.

xoxo, Abby

2 Responses to “Let the Tantrums Begin!”

  1. Katie says:

    Now the fun starts! He is a cutie- love the pics & the glimpses into homelife!! Also, more Ten Tidbits!

  2. Tait says:

    That kiss is just about the most precious thing ever! Love it.

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