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It’s probably the number one answer to our “what’s next” question…Style Me Pretty Home. And while we have zero intention of starting something like this right now, as we are totally focused on weddings and making our current site super great, I definitely have little day dreams about what it would be like. In fact, Tait has to talk me off the “I’m-going-to-start-a-home-blog” ledge about once a week. So I thought that just for a minute, I would indulge myself here on backstage and tell you what it WOULD be like if we ever launched one.

First of all, Real Homes. Tons and tons of Real Homes. Kind of like the feature that we did on Design Sponge’s guest blog…Creative People and their Creative Spaces.


Abby and Tait Larson’s pretty, pretty home {above}


Lisa Vorce’s INSANE home {above}


Stephani Cristali’s perfectly inspiring home {above}


Haile McCollum’s lovely, lovely home {above}

Along with those delicious real home tours, I’d probably go back to my roots a bit and use our Inspiration Board Builder to create really cool inspiration boards geared towards specific rooms, like these that I made for our nursery…before I knew if the stork was going to bring us a little girl or a little boy.

A modern boy’s nursery…


A sweet, traditional any gender room…


And a boho chic, little girls room…


I would definitely feature great DIY projects, those that don’t look terribly DIY but still have that handmade charm. Hand painted address tiles, custom book covers for a cheap-o but super chic library, great tablescapes, the works. I love home design and every little bit of goodness that it entails…from perfect souffles (which I clearly don’t have time to make) to great white linens and gorgeous chandeliers. So a blog devoted to all things home is, well, a dream.

With that said. I believe really strongly that you should know what you do, and do it brilliantly. We still have a ways to go with Style Me Pretty. We want to make sure that it’s not only a well oiled machine, but also that it’s a beautiful-fun-easy to read-must have for all brides. So for now, that is my focus. Someday though, that home blog just might come a knocking!

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  1. Meghan says:

    I would LOVE to see you start this blog Abby. Maybe it is a bit selfish because although I still read SMP daily, now that my wedding is over I need something new to channel my creative inspirations. Particularly as my husband and I are doing remodeling in our home in anticipation to sell and looking for a new “forever home”. I hope the home blog comes knocking soon!

  2. Lauren says:

    I think it would be a fantastic way to grow the Style Me Pretty brand! Not to mention, great inspiration for the home I’m trying to create. I love it!

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Young House Love when you featured their work on Style Me Pretty. How did the office makeover turn out?

  4. Abby Larson says:

    Well..initially it turned out pretty good. We got about 80% done with the office. But then, I had a nervous breakdown because our condo was so small. So, we rented some office space down the street and switched our home office into a playroom for Audrey. The new office looks nothing like the inspiration board that they did for us because I haven’t had a spare minute to actually decorate it. Plus, we are thinking of moving soon so not sure it’s worth it. Whew, that was a long explanation. I am still obsessed with their site though!

  5. heidi yarger says:

    abby, can you tell us where that adorable giraffe lamp is from? i’d love to get it for my new son’s room…yup, we’re having a boy!

  6. Abby Larson says:

    It’s Jonathan Adler…SO cute isn’t it:)

  7. Abby Larson says:

    And YAY for little boys!!!

  8. heidi yarger says:

    Awesome…thanks abby!

  9. I think that would be amazing! It would definately be a must read:)

  10. Brit says:

    Abby! This is such a great idea! I know there are plenty of brides that would love to have that “home” part of the blog! It is such a great way to keep your SMP brides!

  11. doooo it! :) I am hoping my nesting hormones are going to finally get this house to the web-showing-off level…

  12. Amber says:

    I’ve been longing for a SMP home blog since you mentioned in our August shower post! I think of my own home as a window into my personality and event design style, and hopefully my visitors get inspired too. I luckily get to travel quite a bit for the events I plan, and have started collecting art for my home from each trip. My house if full of reminders of the great people I’ve worked with, places I’ve been and events I’ve planned!

  13. Marie says:

    I cannot wait!

    I would also love love LOVE SMP BABY/Kids!

    There is nothing out there show casing inspiration for babies the way that I want it…because I want to see a blog that essentially SMP for children. I want a blog that has bedroom/nursery spaces, DIY ideas, awesome products, real life ideas, inspiration builders, vendors offering unique and excellent products and services and cool family ideas.

    So…not that you don’t have enough to do already…but I’d read that blog.

    I think the thing is, you really encapsulate weddings, so now that you’ve spoiled us, we expect blogs in every other category to be as well put together and as all encompassing as SMP!

  14. Abby Larson says:

    I could go crazy with a baby blog…so fun. I do love ohdeedoh for baby stuff though:)

  15. Khali says:

    Oh I would love to read SMP Home and Kids… I just can see the Abby Larson empire now!

  16. I love it! And can’t wait for the day when SMP Home Edition launches!

    On another note, Big Q for Lisa Vorce, Where did you get that insanely beautiful tree in your living room? I’ve been looking for something just like that for over a year!

    Thanks for sharing, Abby :)

  17. anna says:

    Abby, Can you share some home blogs that you love?

  18. Abby Larson says:

    Sure! My daily reads are design sponge, decor 8, young house love, desire to inspire and apartment therapy:)

  19. Lacey says:

    Oh pleeeeaaaase do it!!! I already kind of think of SMP as a decorating blog, as I’m no longer in the getting married phase and am now in the decorating my house phase. I am inspired daily by the weddings you post— so many details to consider for my home!!

  20. Denise Cole says:

    Um, yes please.



    It would be amazing.

  21. Meghan says:

    Thanks so much for hint on the other home blogs – I had yet to explore much beyond Apartment Therapy and Door Sixteen. Abby – are there any baby and/or parenting blogs that you frequent?

  22. Joy Proctor says:

    This would be a fabulous idea, Abby. It makes total sense to offer brides inspiration for their next pretty thing: their home! You’ve got such an awesome eye — I think all us design loving ladies would drool over anything you send us! I agree that including the occasional nursery/kids room would be awesome! Super excited for this!!!

  23. What a wonderful read. It really got me thinking, thank you.

  24. Mommy-to-be says:

    Hi Abby,

    I was wondering if you could tell me where the upholstered rocker is from that you have in your modern boys nursery and boho chic girls nursery? I keep seeing photos of this chair everywhere and cannot find it!!!

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