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So Tait and I are doing something that we have never done since giving birth to this little company. We’re taking a week off. Elaine is guest blogging for me over on SMP and I’ve already set up some good features for right here on BACKSTAGE. We are taking the much needed time to clear our heads, to see a few movies and to start refining our goals for 2010. Who knew that Style Me Pretty would become something that not only pays our mortgage but that has our heads spinning with ideas, excitement and dreams of taking over the world. OK, maybe not taking over the world but pretty close.

So today, I thought that I would share a few of our lofty hopes and dreams for 2010.

1. Grow our traffic and our revenue thoughtfully, but with gusto.

2. Streamline all of our processes.

3. Cut out the clutter, trim the fat, focus on what make SMP so great…and make it even better.

4. Create more innovative marketing and advertising options for vendors.

5. Open up new and creative revenue streams for SMP.

That is barely scratching the surface but definitely some of the ideas that we are throwing around this week. I’ll let you know what our final 2010 plans are by Friday as we take some time to really work through each one. So, what about you guys? Have anything great planned for 2010?

7 Responses to “Holiday Break”

  1. Eric says:

    Be sure to add some measurable numbers to your goals! I’ve found that when I quantify my goals, they are so much easier to achieve.

  2. Abby Larson says:

    VERY good point:)

  3. Trina says:

    wow! I cant believe you have never taken a break since SMP started! Much deserved as I can tell you have been working your butts off, enjoy the time together…and Im excited to see what my fav blog will do in the new year!
    happy holidays

  4. Time unplugged is absolutely necessary to grow. I’m in the middle of a 6 week European trip (I can get away with this only because I have generous in-laws here.) During this time away I’ve started my blog (something I’ve been meaning to do for-Ever) and created processes to make me more efficient when I come home to CA.

    I commend you for creating a unique world for our industry and look forward to more inspiration in 2010! Enjoy your time away, well deserved!

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